The menu at 100/200 – The unwritten card

At the 100/200 restaurant the food culture is reduced to the essentials:
An all-encompassing meal.
Five entrees – five to twenty-five courses – accompanying beverages.
The available determines the menu, the craftsmanship the preparation, the taste the emotions.

It’s a bit of a journey back in time when at grandma´s you ate what was served on the table. When you sat together in the kitchen. When you were caught with your fingers in the pot. And when food was not questioned, but simply enjoyed. Thomas Imbusch brings these exact moments back to life.

In his kitchen, he serves food which was selected in accordance with the highest quality standards, always at the right time and from the right place. He will excite all five taste buds from the very first minute. And proves just how complex the simple can be.

An example of really good food resources

… are, among others, the animals of Lars Odefey & Daughters. A small farm located in the Lüneburg Heath that breeds pasture grown chickens by hand: with the utmost respect for the animals, awareness of the environment and with conditions that are necessary to produce the outstanding quality and taste of their products. That’s how it should be and never the contrary.

Applied at the 100/200: The available determines the menu

Once landed in our kitchen, the food ingredients are processed in their entirety. Serving “the best of the best” does not mean to simply present crispy breasts and tender fillets. It means, that within the larger picture, you savior and settle for the best quality. From head to toe sounds cliché, but it is the exact understanding of Thomas Imbusch´s food-culture:

  • Broth from chicken feet as an entree
  • Breast on the carcass
  • Confited chicken leg
  • The innards as ragout
  • The liver as a sauce
  • As a whole within a pig´s bladder
  • The comb with risotto
  • The skin as a snack

The parson´s nose with lemon-saltWhen a food ingredient is completely processed, no longer at hand or has been consumed, it is no longer available on the 100/200 menu. And thus, the meal changes: constantly and unpredictable, but always for the better.

“Nowadays, what you are is more important than what you eat. That simply cannot be”

The recalibration of taste

Granted, one thing or another will surprise you. Which is just perfect. Because only by consuming these, you´ll notice, how fantastic many things actually taste. The innards should not be a taboo, but a fundamental part of a full meal. This has something to do with appreciation and sustainability, but above all, with enjoyment. Which is the guiding principle for an evening at the 100/200.

The evening will start sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami – in form of little entrees, handed out right in the kitchen – and accompanied by high-proof spirits or optionally without alcohol. Meet Sophie Lehmann and her fine wines, chosen unconventionally and individually or you may opt for Jan-Phillip Fricke´s extraordinary alcohol-free drinks, based on self-crafted kombucha and water kefir. And how the evening will end? We´ll see…

The thing with bread and butter

Both are essential for a good meal and form part of the 100/200 menu. For this, Mario Michaelis is in charge. All he needs is heat, his heart and soul and craftsmanship. This forms the basis for sourdough, which tastes of eight years of work, guidance and emotions and is best enjoyed with butter made of fresh raw milk and a hint of yogurt, both delivered by the local Milchhof Reitbrook

And now: Take a seat, please!

There is one thing you will never have to worry about: If you think food intolerances will stand in your way, relax – we are happy to deal with them.