News and social network stuff

Until the time for stories of everyday life at the 100/200 comes, you can find the latest news one the kitchen live here on its social networks.

You will find intimate moments like when Thomas Imbusch decided the final colours for the walls and catching a glimpse at the first bottle of wine for his stock, here. We will also be updating you about important information like when new doors are finally opening. How unspectacular were the times without Facebook? Luckily those times are over and our newsfeed will always keep you up to date.

Not quite it yet, but getting there

There will be much more to tell than just interesting ideas for the future, mysterious appetisers or construction selfies. Soon the stories and the magazine of the 100/200 will be full with tales about tastes, thoughts, producers and products, menus and colleagues. Where is what coming from? Who is doing what? And what happens behind the scenes? Short: You will find everything that is of interest to you right here. But until then, all that counts is just one story: The story of the foretaste of something incredible.