Your journey to our kitchen

I we’re being honest: Anyone who comes to us, usually does not stay sober. To visit us by car is possible, of course – but there are many ways to 100/200. And everyone of them is worth the journey, because in the end all that counts is arriving and experiencing. The spectacular view on Hamburgs fassade.
For whichever way you may choose. Just search for “Brandshofer Deich 68, 20539 Hamburg” and you will find us. We are exited for every visitor, and you also will find your way home safely – promised!

By local traffic (HVV)

If we start at Hauptbahnhof/Main Station the bus with number 34, in direction of “Kirchdorf Süd” is the best. The station is at the exit of “Mönckebergstraße”. You take five stops up until the station “Billhorner Brückenstraße”. From here it is only a walk of 10 minutes.
Because of our very late nights, we suggest that you take the nightbus for your journey back. On weekends the bus leaves every hour at 9 past and 39 past. During the week, the last bus leaves at 03:09
Destination reached in 25 minutes.

If you start from the Flughafen (airport), you should take the S1 in direction of “Wedel” and get of the train at the station “Berliner Tor”. At the exit “Beim Strohhause” you take the bus with number 154 in direction of “Bahnhof Harburg”.
You get off at “Billhorner Röhrendamm”. From here it is only a 10 minute walk until you reach Brandshofer Deich 68. Then you will stay with us for a while. And then you will take the nightbus of the numbers 606 or 607 – whom leave up until 03:45. They drive every hour at quarter to and quarter past.
Destination reached in 46 minutes.

And the journey two us will be even easier, when the new train station for S- and U-Bahn “Elbbrücken“ will be built by the end of 2018. It will be in between the stops
Hammerbrook und Veddel.

By bycicle/City Bike

Assuming, that you will start your journey in downtown, the fastest and most beautiful route will be over Steintorwall and Deichtorplatz, right by the Elbe. Here you take a sharp turn left and then you just follow the water, over the high water security facility “Großmarkt” along the german Zusatzstoffmuseum. Then you take an elegant turn after a right-left curve to turn into Brandshofer Deich.
If you don’t have a bycicle, you can rent one at the city bike stations. One of them (“Rothenburgsort/Marktplatz/Lindleystraße”) is about 15 minutes far away.

By car

For everybody coming from south, you should use the highways B4/B75.
Here you take the exit in direction of Großmarkt, to the left of the Billhorner Röhrendamm and from there to the left on the Brandshofer Deich. “You reached your destination.

Also from north, you will find your way to us over the B4 and the B75, directly to us in Rothenburgsort – it does not matter from which side of the Alster you are coming.
As soon as you are over the Bille, you stay left and turn into the Billhorner Brückenstraße/B4/B75. Here you take the exit Großmarkt and you follow into Reginenstraße. From here you just turn right into Brandshofer Deich. “You have reached your destination”

It does not matter from which direction you may come with your car. We have enough parking space for you right by our door. From 6 PM onwards every parking spot, independently from any signs can be used. From there it is not far to the first level and to an incredible fine dining experience.

…one more thing

Anyone, who is getting here by cab: A very good landmark is the Oldtimer gasstation at Brandshof. Just turn left there and follow the road. You will find your destination on the right side.


…ship a visit, will be possible soon at 100/200. Near us will be station, to visit us by ship. Of course, you will also find us with any other sort of transportation.