Save your seat at 100/200 now.

The Season from 06th august until 12th October 2019.

In the 100/200 we focus on the preparations for an unforgettable night. To ensure that, we decided on a specific ticket system.

Sadly, fine dining culture is hardly valued in this day and age. This often leads to people not seeing their reservations as binding, and at times do not attend.

As a result of this, us gastronomists and hosts cannot plan and calculate meticulously, we waste high quality products, and cannot welcome you because we are seemingly booked out.

The ticket system will allow you to feel the full anticipation for a magnificent evening, and it gives us the opportunity to fully provide the fine dining experience and be an incredible host.


For the purpose of the 100/200 to operate at full capacity; it is vital that what we serve gets eaten – we mean this in the most positive sense since we do not want our exceptional products to go to waste.

With the ticket you get a set menu for the evening of your reservation and a seat in our kitchen. Our meals are constantly changing and so feel free to return to us, and be surprised without waiting for a change in menu, and be our guest again.

Anything in addition to your meal, such as drinks, are billed separately.

Seventh person

If you are planning on a booking for six people or more, or get an exclusive booking for the 100/200, contact us directly:


Just like at a concert or a sporting event, the ticket is not refundable, but transferable. You can find more information about transfers here.