A room. A stove. A craft.

Fine dining in Hamburg by Thomas Imbusch.

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Experience authentic flavours, pure gastronomy and the exhilaration of homely kitchen. 100°C/200°C – Fine dining, with a twist in Hamburg by Thomas Imbusch.

Two temperatures and reduction to the bare essentials – is all a craftsman like Thomas Imbusch needs.

Who is this chef?

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Experience the taste of authenticity, essence and dedication – fine dining completely reinvented. Opens in Spring 2018.

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The bar in the gourmet restaurant

A selection of extraordinary spirits and drinks – pure euphoria à la Jan-Phillip Fricke and Thomas Imbusch.

Sensational location: fine dining with a view in Hamburg:

Imbusch found his very own space off the beaten tracks in the industrial atmosphere found directly at the Elbbrücken with an absolutely spectacular frontal view of Hamburg.

The concept of a simple kitchen: A unique restaurant

A man like Thomas Imbusch does, what am man like Thomas Imbusch has to do: Pull it together and fulfil your life long dream. After four years as the Head Chef at Madame X, at Off Club by Tim Mälzer, the chef is heading towards his own restaurant in his own way/ on his own terms. The idea behind 100/200 is in equal measures, both simple and complex: One room, where everything happens, one stove in the centre,100°C hot water; that transforms the ingredients, and a 200°C hot oven, that cooks everything. His open kitchen, with a panoramic view from all sides, is the place where everything happens. Thomas Imbusch realises the importance of the product and understands what it means to be a host as he always recreates his own perfection. His philosophy is to have a great and shared culture of food, that is not just a meal but an experience.